About  Falassarna

Falasarna is the area that has the best beach in Crete, often awarded, famous for its sunset with the unrestricted view of the horizon where people see the sun disappearing into the sea. It consists of a complex of five consecutive wide beaches that extend to 3,000 meters, offering plenty of space to their visitors.

The most famous is the Thick Sand, 1000 meters long, with turquoise transparent waters and fine, light sand. It is fully organized with umbrellas, cafe-bars, restaurants, water sports services and beach volleyball courts. Do water sports and diving and live unforgettable experiences. To the north there is a sheltered creek where the archeological site of Falassarna is located. The northwesterly strong winds that often blow in the area make Falasarna a favorite destination for windsurfers. The wider area is part of the Natura 2000 program for its rare flora and fauna. Here in August beach parties are organized that last until the early morning hours.

Falassarna  Properties