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Rethymno Holidays, Crete, Greece

The picturesque Rethymno is a modern city that reflects the Cretan Renaissance.

Its historic center is fortified with Venetian walls that enclose buildings and monuments – witnesses of another era.

Cobbled streets, Venetian houses, arches, churches, and mosques in combination with the modern houses around it, compose the physiognomy of Rethymnon.

The castle of Fortretza is the trademark of the city and you must visit it and walk in the alleys and gardens, observing the Venetian club Loggia, the Rimondi fountain, the Guora – the main gate of the walls, the church of St. Francis and Church of the Lady of the Angels.

Its beach is ideal for swimming but also beaches in other parts of the prefecture, such as that of Plakias and Preveli with the palm forest are among the ones you must visit.

The holy monastery of Preveli and the approximately 800 caves that exist in the wider area of ​​Rethimno are of particular interest.

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