About  Thessaloniki

Nymph of Thermaikos, co-capital, the most erotic city in Greece; Thessaloniki has many descriptions and so many other attractions to visit. It is a modern urban center with a long history and multicultural identity. The popular White Tower that dominates the beach, the arch of Galerius (Kamara) in Egnatia, the church of Agios Dimitrios, Aristotelous Square and the church of Agia Sofia are some of them.

Start your walk from the port, along the beach to the Concert Hall, enjoying the view of Olympus at the bottom of the horizon. Drink coffee in the Byzantine Castles with the city stretching in front of you. Take a tour of its historic center in Ladadika and enjoy your food or drink in the heart of the city. Visit the remarkable museums that exist in the area (Archaeological, Byzantine culture, Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies, etc.). Walk in its streets and feel the pulse of Thessaloniki. The only sure thing is that you will leave the city full of beautiful memories.

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