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Apokoronas, a serene district on the eastern side of Chania, Crete, offers a splendid mosaic of landscapes, history, and culture.

This area is distinguished by its verdant, rugged mountains and azure coastlines, making it a captivating destination for travellers seeking relaxation and adventure.

Extends from the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) foothills to the north coast of Crete.

Its diverse topography includes picturesque beaches, fertile plains, rivers, Kourna Lake, and imposing mountains. Its climate is predominantly Mediterranean, characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

This climate fosters rich biodiversity and lush landscapes, perfect for nature walks.

Apokoronas has various natural attractions that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The region’s beaches, such as those in Georgioupoli, Almirida, and Kalyves, boast clear waters and golden sands, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

The Kournas Lake, Crete’s only freshwater lake, is a serene spot perfect for kayaking, paddle-boating, or simply enjoying the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The major towns of Apokoronas are Vamos, Armenoi, and Vryses, which have police, municipal and utility offices, taverns, and large churches. Kalyves, Almyrida, and Georgioupoli are the most prominent beach resorts.

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